Tautendorf – Art in nature: The symposium is followed by a music festival

The fine arts are strongly represented by the “Art in Nature” symposium on the Wachtberg near Tautendorf. Symposium director Gabriel Graf presents works by international artists in the woods and fields. For the 29th time, works of art are created specifically for their respective place in nature. Trees, meadows and stones are their components.

As part of a finissage, you could hike through this artificial landscape, past the biotope with rare flowers and herbs. On the Wachtberg itself, their own sculptures and works by Austrian and international artists can be seen all year round around the symposium house. “Around the house, nature and art experience become one,” explained initiator Gabriel Graf.

Around 150 visitors took part in the “hike” to the individual works. The conclusion was the performance of accordion virtuoso Otto Lechner with Kadero and the Vienna Rai Orchestra.

The next highlight is the music festival

“Irie in the Woods” will take place on the Wachtberg on Saturday, July 23, starting at 6 p.m. Music will be played by Antony B. Rekall & Heimat of Riddim, Freemeyend, Matho & Vienna Dancehall Orchestra. DJs: Jah Power Sound – Plato. Overnight stay with tent/hammock welcome, music fee 45 € (advance sale 40 €).

September 10th is the end of summer, October 9th thanksgiving festival with music. Info: