Tax: FI, cut fuel taxes, people aren’t traveling – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 11 – There is also the “reduction of taxation on fuels”, one of the priorities indicated by Forza Italia to the government for the continuation of the examination of the tax delegation in the Finance Committee in the Chamber.

In the light of the Ukrainian crisis and the increase in energy costs, Antonio Martino, FI group leader in the Finance Committee in the Chamber, and Alessandro Cattaneo, head of the party’s departments underlined, “there is a problem of excise duties on petrol: paying VAT on excise duties is extravagant – they explained after the meeting with the executive -. The increase in the price can also generate less revenue, because people are not traveling. Calmier VAT can be an incentive. For next week the projections speak of 3 euros per liter “.

The blue deputies highlighted some of the other issues on which they focus through the amendments: “The extension of the flat tax up to 100 thousand euros or in any case a slide, so that the 65 thousand euros threshold is not a wall. Then the abolition of the ‘IRAP on businesses, the reduction to three of the personal income tax rates “. Without giving up the game on the land registry. “We pointed out that by dint of votes 22 to 23 we do not go so far – explained Martino and Cattaneo -, and we left the center-right government proposal put forward as mediation in the records. We still suggest taking it into consideration”.



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