Tax-free travel allowance up: 21 cents per km in 2023 | Money

Employers and the House of Representatives had requested the extra compensation. It should ease the pain somewhat now that fuel prices have gone through the roof as a result of the war in Ukraine. Commuting has become more expensive as a result.

Now employers can reimburse 19 cents per kilometer without employees having to pay tax on it. The cabinet already wanted to increase this compensation to 23 cents per kilometer during this term of office. So that has been brought forward.

In addition, more than two billion is needed to receive Ukrainians who have fled their country. The cabinet has released that amount in the Spring Memorandum. The document made public on Friday also shows that the cabinet has now provided military aid to Ukraine for 73 million euros. That money went to the supply of military goods, drones and field hospitals, the cabinet said.