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Tax Niches: Companies Escape the Planer

It's been weeks since the advisers of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance have their hair cut. Hours of meetings to scrutinize corporate tax loopholes one by one to find some savings to be made. Whole days to negotiate with the professionals of this or that sector to reap a few hundred million euros. Finally, the puzzle was almost impossible: find fissa between 1 and 1.5 billion euros of savings to offset part of the 5 billion euros devolved to the decline in income tax of the middle classes, planned from 1 January 2020.

This Thursday, during the debate of orientation of the public finances – which opens the discussions of the budget for 2020 – the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Mayor, finally presented his copy to the parliamentarians. And she seems much less ambitious than announced. In 2020, the plan on the tax loopholes bosses will indeed only 615 million euros. About two months as the initial goal.

A single tax niche targeted from 2020. Construction professionals will be the first to contribute. The tax advantage on non-road diesel (GNR), which allows contractors to pay 50% less fuel, will be eliminated in three years. The gain of this "green" measure will be 215 million euros for the state as of 2020. Then 900 million in the future. "This is not good news for the 400,000 companies in the sector, denounces Jacques Chanut, president of the French Federation of Building (FFB). In particular, we asked for a spread over four years, not three, to have time to absorb the expense by gradually increasing our prices. By dint of pulling the rope, I'm afraid the exasperation will turn into anger. "

Corporate philanthropy and research tax credit (CIR) slightly planed in 2021. There, companies will have one more year to prepare, especially with the actors of patronage. "The question is whether certain causes, such as food banks for example, should be sanctuary, says a close file. But the measure could save 80 million euros. For Bruno Le Maire, the goal is mainly to stop "some windfall effects". In parallel, the government finally decided to groom one of the darlings that Emmanuel Macron wanted to "sanctuarize": the research tax credit (CIR). The mastodon, which costs about 6 billion euros a year to the state, will be planed by … 200 million annual. However, there is no question of touching scientists or investment, levers of attractiveness and jobs. But the EIF for operating expenses will be revised downwards. "For an SME that touches ten thousand euros of CIR, it will represent a few hundred euros less," said Gilles de Margerie, President of France Strategy.

Tax Niches: Companies Escape the Planer

Find fissa new savings among the bosses … In order to solve an inextricable equation, with a total saving of € 1.3 billion in 2020, the government decided in the last resort to reduce the trajectory of the corporate tax (IS) cut. Just like last year when, in order to finance as quickly as possible the measures taken on the sidelines of the Yellow Vests movement, the expected decline in the SI was delayed. This time, companies whose turnover is more than 250 million euros will bear the weight of this measure of economy estimated at 700 million euros. Their IS rate will rise from 33.1% to 31%. Instead of the 30% promised in 2019. "In the end, in 2022, all companies will be 25% corporate tax, swear one in the entourage of Bruno Le Maire. And in 2020, all still see their tax drop. This economy measure has little impact for large groups. "

… and the employees? This is for the moment only a "track" of work. Already mentioned by the Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, Gérald Darmanin again mentioned this Thursday the possible limitation of the "specific flat deduction" (DFS), a reduction of charges possible in certain sectors such as public works, cleanliness, transport , journalism or the artistic world. The gain for the state, which has not yet specified the roadmap for this measure, would be 400 million euros by 2020. In Bercy, it is ensured that the bosses will only carry this effort, which will be "transparent on payroll of the employees concerned ". But at the French Building Federation, we have already released the calculator. "There will obviously be a drop in wages of 0.1 to 0.3% in the building, ensures Jacques Chanut. If the reform passes in January, at the time of salary revalorizations that are about 3.5% at home, it will go unnoticed. "


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