Tax return: Deadlines extended – Bundestag gives more time because of Corona

More time for tax returns, extended flat rates: The Bundestag has decided on several changes because of the Corona crisis.

The Bundestag has an extension and expansion of Tax relief decided because of the corona pandemic. With the decision on Thursday, corona bonuses for employees in care, in hospitals and practices should remain tax-free up to an amount of 4500 euros.

In addition, the Home office flat rate of up to 600 euros can also be claimed this year. Deadlines for filing tax returns have been extended by several months. Extended depreciation options for companies also apply again.

The Bundestag adopted the draft law for the fourth Corona Tax Assistance Act with the votes of the governing parties and the Union. With the tax exemption for Corona-Boni in the healthcare sector, the originally planned sum of 3,000 to 4,500 euros was again significantly increased in the legislative process. All voluntary benefits provided by the employer are now also taken into account.

Corona: Deadline for tax returns only at the end of October

The group of beneficiaries has also been expanded. With the Bundestag resolution, there is now the possibility of tax exemption for employees in facilities for outpatient surgery, certain preventive and rehabilitation facilities, dialysis facilities, medical and dental practices and rescue services. According to the SPD reporter Parsa Marvi, 870,000 medical specialists and up to 86,000 employees in the rescue services are affected.

For taxpayers, their Income tax return for 2021 do it yourself, the submission deadline at the tax office will be extended again this year by three months to October 31 of this year. The deadline for the 2022 tax return is September 30, 2023 and for the 2023 return it is August 31, 2024. After that, July 31 would apply again as usual.

Bundestag extends deadlines for tax consultants

Also the deadlines for tax consultant were extended again. FDP MP Markus Herbrand said that they had “enormous burdens” due to extra work due to the pandemic, for example by billing for aid. The extended deadlines are to be gradually reduced in order to return to “normal” in 2025.

For companies, improved opportunities for degressive depreciation also extended to assets acquired in 2022. The law also provides for an extension of the tax exemption of employer subsidies for short-time work benefits and seasonal short-time work benefits, which was previously limited to the end of 2021, by a further six months until the end of June. (command/AFP)

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