Tax return for the Polish Order. It is about large amounts. Who will get it?

On July 1, the revised Polish Deal enters into force. The most important changes introduced by the government are the reduction of PIT from 17 to 12 percent. and the elimination of the middle class tax relief. The first seniors will feel the effects of the rate cuts from Friday, when they see the first transfers in their accounts in July. People with benefits from 2.5 thousand PLN up to 9.5 thousand. PLN, they can expect larger payments on hand. People with 4,000 jobs will benefit most. Gross pension of PLN 950 – here the profit on hand will amount to PLN 122.50 per month.

Retirees have to keep an eye on the July salary. Big changes

Tax return for the Polish Order. We know the date

However, since 12 percent. PIT tax rate is to apply retroactively from January 1, 2022, for the first six months, some pensioners will still receive a refund of overpaid tax for the months from January to June. We checked, it will be possible to recover a maximum of PLN 700. There is only one downside – such people will have to wait until next year for the refund – the tax office will refund the overpaid tax only after submitting the annual tax return for 2022. So in real terms, at the earliest in March-April 2023.

Return for the Polish Order. These seniors will not be reformed

What about people with lower benefits than 2.5 thousand. PLN gross monthly? They can feel disadvantaged. The amendments to the Polish Deal introduced by the government will only bring relief to better-endowed seniors. Retirees and disability pensioners with benefits up to 2.5 thousand PLN gross no longer pay income tax, so a reduction in PIT to 12 percent. nothing will change in their case. Since they do not pay PIT, they will also not receive a tax refund.