Tax soda in new remodeled

Tax soda in new remodeled


The new formula for the tax soda is ready. The general rapporteur of the draft law of financing social Security for 2018, Olivier Véran, presented his work on the craft a few days after the vote in the committee on social Affairs of a first version of tax restated.

The amendment that he proposes, on the eve of the examination of the text in plenary session, Tuesday, must encourage industry to reduce the sugar content of their soft drinks. But as the majority doesn’t want to be accused of increasing the taxes, and to show that the only objective pursued is the public health (fight against obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases), Olivier Veran has sought to prevent the return of the fee increases – it was in 2016 322 million euros.

The amendment removes the threshold effects that appeared in the first version. the ” To sugary drinks, the tax will start from 1 gram of sugar per 100 millilitres (or 1 kilo per hectolitre) and progresses up to twenty euros per hl for a product in excess of 11g of added sugar per 100ml “, specifies the new text.

The sweeteners least penalized

In the previous version , the tax tripled over 10 grams, and became zero below 5 grams. Bearings most troublesome, had been created for the drinks mixing sugar and sweeteners, in order to avoid that manufacturers malignant come to position through it just under the threshold… The threshold effects disappear in the new version.

Olivier Veran has also taken into account the claims of the industrialists who regretted that some products with low-calorie sweeteners are more taxed than those with sugar. the ” The article reduces the taxation of products containing sweeteners of 7.53 euros per hl to 3.5 euros per hectolitre, so that the sugary drinks are still being submitted, regardless of the level of sugar they contain, at a tax rate at least as high as the artificial sweetener “.

The article also provides that the two taxes will be combined, in order to take account of the beverages containing both sweeteners and sugar. Currently, the tax on sugar and sweeteners are of the same level.

identical amendments were tabled by members of parliament, LREM, but also by members of parliament, of right, of which Véronique Louwagie, co-author of a report noticed last year that called for strengthening the taxation of sodas.

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