Taxi: trade unions, strike lifted 20-21 July – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 18 – The national assembly of taxi drivers’ unions, which met today, decided to cancel the strike scheduled for 20 and 21 July due to the government crisis. “The overt government crisis in progress, with which the works of Parliament and in particular of the Industry Commission of the Chamber of Deputies are interrupted, where the question of the reform of the taxi sector should be addressed – explain the unions – it was considered appropriate to revoke the national shutdown of the service. Pending developments relating to the current crisis situation, the representatives of the sector will meet again in the coming days, in order to maintain a high level of attention on the approval of Article 10 of the Competition Bill, and to evaluate any new forms of protest with the proclamation of a new strike “. (HANDLE).



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