Taylor Fritz wins a match on the same day that he overcomes COVID

The story that has left us Taylor Fritz this week is weird. Let’s go part. The American caught COVID a week ago at the ATP 250 in Seoul, where he was left out of competition due to illness. After a few days of recovery, the objective of disputing the ATP 500 in Tokyo It seems impossible, until Wednesday arrives and he finally receives the good news: negative. Just on Wednesday, the day where he had to debut for being the third seed, although fortune is not as great as it seems.

Without being able to set foot on the runway in the last week, Fritz is still in South Korea, more than 1,000km away from his destination, or what is the same, a two-hour flight. The American does not think about it, he celebrates his freedom by taking a plane and landing in Tokyo in record time. Without training, still with symptoms, installed in doubt about how his body will react, he seals his first victory of the Asian tour over James Duckworth by 6-2, 6-7 and 6-1. In total, 1h46min of battle that confirms that she has passed the exam.

“I feel good, actually, better than I thought I would feel after all. It’s not that I feel incredible, but I’m very happy to have won the game after having gone through what I’ve been through in recent days, having shown up here and having won my game”, recognized the man from Rancho Santa Fe in statements collected by ATP.

Honestly, Taylor never thought she’d make it in time to compete in Tokyo, and even if she did, the hardest part was tackling a full week of quarantine, suffering from COVID for the first few days and only doing a few exercises in her room for the last three days. . But what she never lost was her positive mindset, the desire to turn around an unexpected and adverse situation. But that’s how they are the best, there is no one to stop them.

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“For whatever reason, I felt confident that I was going to get through it, that I was going to be able to come out of lockdown in good shape and hit the ball well. Honestly, I was more worried about all things cardio and my fitness after being sick and not being able to do anything. Luckily, the court was very fast, so we didn’t play very long points, so I reacted well physically”, he valued after adding his first victory in Tokyo in four appearances.


Who would say that Fritz came from a situation like this after seeing him connect 24 aces today and sign 88% of points won with first serve, in addition to saving 3/4 break balls. What is clear is that his drive to qualify for his first Nitto ATP Finals is driving him to make that last effort. Tomorrow, in the round of 16 in Tokyo, the local tennis player awaits Hiroki Moriyawhich will have the support of the local public.

“It will be a fun game, for sure, although I know I will have to play well. Obviously, I still have some symptoms of everything that has happened to me so I have to take the tournament little by little, game by game, just focus on going out and competing. I am excited to play again at night in front of the local crowd”, warned the man who is currently #10 in the Race.