Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Home Entertainment Taylor Swift donates 100,000 euros to fight LGBT + laws

Taylor Swift donates 100,000 euros to fight LGBT + laws

Pop superstar Taylor Swift has donated $ 113,000 (€ 100,300) to a LGBT + group to support his fight against laws in the state of Tennessee, which according to the Tennessee Equality Project (TEP) would reverse the rights of gays and transgender people ,

Swift, who began her career in Nashville, Tennessee, contributed to Tep, a Nashville-based group that recently convened more than 100 religious leaders to denounce anti-LGBT bills that are part of so-called "hatred." by the legislature.

The bill would allow adoption agencies to block LGBT + people, disagree with same-sex marriages, and impose school-defending measures that encourage Trans people to use restrooms and changing rooms according to their "biological gender."

"I am so inspired by the work you are doing, especially in organizing the recent petition of Tennessee leaders opposing Slate of Hate," wrote Swift (29) in a note to the project leader.


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