“Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: A Journey through Her Discography with Surprising Twists”

Since last March, Taylor Swift has been performing her Eras Tour across the United States: on the program, 3 hours of show, a setlist made up of 44 titles – drawn from his colossal discography. While the tour is already shaping up to be the most phenomenal of the year, Swift makes it a point of honor to deliver unique shows. To achieve this, the star tries to surprise her fans every night with no less than two “surprise” songs. In other words, Taylor Swift takes advantage of each concert to play two pieces drawn from her discography. It didn’t take long for fans to embark on a survey that gets bigger every week – because anything goes to find out which songs will be played.

During her concerts in New York last weekend, Taylor Swift interpreted pieces such as False God (Lover) or Holy Ground (Red, Taylor’s Version) – among others. To see more clearly, here are all the surprise songs played since the start of the tour.

The Eras Tour, the surprise songs

  • Mirrorball (Folklore), Arizona
  • Tim McGraw (Taylor Swift), Arizona
  • This Is Me Trying (Folklore), Arizona
  • State of Grace (Red, Taylor’s Version), Arizona
  • Our Song (Taylor Swift), Nevada
  • Snow on the Beach (Midnights), Nevada
  • Cowboy Like Me (Evermore), Nevada
  • White Horse (Fearless, Taylor’s Version), Nevada
  • Sad beautiful Tragic (Red, Taylor’s Version), Texas
  • Ours (Speak Now), Texas
  • Death By a Thousand Cuts (Lover), Texas
  • Clean (1989), Texas
  • Speak Now (Speak Now), Floride
  • Treacherous (Red Taylor’s Version), Floride
  • The Great War – ft. Aaron Dessner (Midnights), Floride
  • You’re On Your Own, Kid (Midnights), Floride
  • Mad Woman (Folklore), Floride
  • Mean (Speak Now), Floride
  • Wonderland (1989), Texas
  • You’re Not Sorry (Fearless), Texas
  • A Place in this World (Taylor Swift), Texas
  • Today Was a Fairytale (Taylor Swift), Texas
  • Begin Again (Red, Taylor’s Version), Texas
  • Cold as You (Taylor Swift), Texas
  • The Other Side of the Door (Fearless), Georgie
  • Coney Island (Evermore), Georgie
  • High Infidelity (Midnights), Georgie
  • Gorgeous (Reputation), Georgie
  • I Bet You Think About Me (Red, Taylor’s Version), Georgie
  • How You Get the Girl (1989), Georgie
  • Sparks Fly (Speak Now), Tennessee
  • Teardrops On My Guitar (Taylor Swift), Tennessee
  • Out of the Woods (1989), Tennessee
  • Fifteen (Fearless), Tennessee
  • Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve (Midnights), Tennessee
  • Mine (Speak Now), Tennessee
  • Gold Rush (Evermore), Pennsylvanie
  • Come Back… Be Here (Red, Taylor’s Version), Pennsylvanie
  • Forever & Always (Fearless), Pennsylvanie
  • This Love (1989), Pennsylvanie
  • Hey Stephen (Fearless), Pennsylvanie
  • The Best Day (Fearless), Pennsylvanie
  • Should’ve Say No (Taylor Swift), Massachusetts
  • Better Man, Massachusetts
  • Question…? (Midnights), Massachusetts
  • Invisible, Massachusetts
  • I Think He Knows (Lover), Massachusetts
  • Red (Red, Taylor’s version), Massachusetts
  • Getaway Car (Reputation), New Jersey
  • Maroon (Midnights), New Jersey
  • Holy Ground (Red, Taylor’s Version), New Jersey)
  • False God (Lover), New Jersey
  • Clean (1989), New Jersey
  • Welcome To New York (1989), New Jersey

And because a good surprise never comes alone, Taylor Swift took advantage of her time in New Jersey to perform Karma live – with Ice Spice. As a reminder, on May 26, Swift unveiled Midnights (Til Dawn Edition), a deluxe version of her latest opus with, on the program, a new version of Karma, another of Snow on the Beach, Hits Different but also You’re Losing Me.