TCL: TAB 10s, a tablet for online classes and much more | Technology

One of the solutions that we liked the most about this device is its app aimed at parental care. In it you can limit the web pages that the infant can access, as well as the applications focused on their educational and artistic development, but you also have the option of choosing fun games. Likewise, it is possible to establish the time that will be available, all through an account and a password previously established by the tutor.

The Stylus T-Pen allows you to explore the creativity of all users, the tablet integrates pre-installed software that allows you to draw whatever you want on it, although you can choose other options.


One of the main attributes of the TCL Tab 10s is its manufacturing materials. The back is protected by a solid cover with a soft plastic finish. In the upper left corner we find the camera accompanied by its respective flash, surrounded by a rectangle with curved edges.

The panel is surrounded by a bezel of acceptable size, which allows it to occupy 77.4% of the body, making it almost imperceptible. The front camera is located in the middle of the upper area of ​​the tablet in a horizontal position.

One of the great successes of this device is the arrangement of its speakers on both sides, providing stereo sound.

The unlock button is located in the upper left-hand corner, while the volume +/- buttons are positioned at the top.

At the bottom we will find the POGO magnetic pins designed to add different accessories, such as a keyboard.


TCL has taken several discrete but successful steps in the various electronics segments it has entered. The Tab 10s is an example of this, by making available to the consumer a product with good performance, durable manufacturing materials and an attractive sale price.

It seems somewhat risky to do without the 3.5mm port and force the user to purchase an adapter to connect their wired headphones, which function as an antenna for the FM radio.

We would also like to know more about the features of the POGO pin, as well as what other accessories can be added to this device.

This is a balanced tablet for the basic needs of almost every user, it complies correctly with its operation and allows you to go in search of more options for productivity, education or entertainment.

Rating: 8