Teacher failed a student for using inclusive language

The teacher commented that she gave the student a new opportunity, and asked her to give a presentation on “sign language” so that she could learn what “inclusion” really is.

A teacher, through her social networks, assured that gave a grade 1 to a studentafter I gave him an essay (work) in inclusive language.

Sarah Vanessa Cardenas He exposed the case on his Twitter account, where he assured that he failed the student for having used said language.

“I was grading some papers and a student he gave me an essay in inclusive languageobviously got 1″, said the teacher.

However, the professional added that despite the low grade she gave her student, she decided to give her a new opportunity to raise the grade. In this way, she asked him to do an exposition of a language (tongue) that she does consider inclusivethe sign.

“To recover the subject, you must make a small exposition in sign language, so learn what truly is ‘inclusion’“, he declared.

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Along with the story she shared, she posted a photo of herself putting her hands on her forehead looking at the camera. At the moment, has achieved more than 2,600 retweets and 16 thousand ‘likes’.

While some users criticized her for what they considered an attack on the student, others corrected the teacher by telling her that she did not know how to use the language either, since -according to what they said- it is called “sign language” and not “language”.