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We got used to talking about teacher malaise. And it is true that too often, in the teachers’ room, morale is not there. Moreover, according to the latest barometer of one of their unions, just over a quarter of teachers would recommend to a loved one to embrace their profession …

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But this disaster, to which the pension conflict now serves as a sounding board, cannot hide the commitment, the perseverance, the generosity of hundreds of thousands of women and men, the pleasure they experience in doing grow their students, as long as they are not treated as mere executors of yet another ministerial directives. And this is precisely the bias of this attractive documentary by Marina Julienne.

Trust and openness

For an hour, the teachers’ journeys intertwine to make us better touch the “happiness” of being a teacher. There is Nolwenn, who struggles to carry out artistic and ecological projects in his rural nursery school. Jean-Pierre, teacher of geo-history, who takes his high school students from Seine-Saint-Denis to distant countries every year. Gérard, professor of civil engineering, who is organizing a school project for his CAP class in a church in Briançon. Jérémy, never short of ideas for an active learning of sciences within his non-contract experimental college in Arles. All four are driven by the conviction that each child, each teenager, can learn and progress.

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This documentary highlights the interest of project pedagogy, openness to the world, interdisciplinarity … If it undoubtedly questions the limits of pedagogical freedom without enough, it offers to all those who hardly believe anymore in school a great lesson. A lesson in hope.



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