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In various regions of the country teachers of official institutions have carried out protests or even cessation of activities and stoppages on behalf of the lack of payment of your salary.

One of the most affected regions has been the department of Antioquia, where the teachers attached to the Association of Institutes of Antioquia (Adida), the department’s teachers union, have not taught all week due to this situation.

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The same has been repeated with teachers from Caldas, Quindío, Santander, Risaralda, Valle del Cauca, Tolima and Atlántico. These departments have called marches and sit-ins in front of the secretariats of education, entities responsible for payment.

Some of the unions even have activities scheduled for next week in case they still do not receive their salary.

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But why the delay? This whole problem stems from an error presented on various platforms of the Ministry of Education, among which is the Human System, the online tool in which the secretariats raise the payroll of teachers.

The incident originated on October 21, physically affecting the hard drives that support the databases of these systems, apparently due to an “improper execution of a procedure by the external operator hired to manage the Technological infrastructure Of the entity”.

According to Ministry of Education, since the problem was identified, work has been done to restore the systems, as well as to recover the information, which has been a slow and gradual process.

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Despite this, the Ministry maintains that “to date and during the weekend, based on the actions carried out, the payroll application was enabled for all the Education Secretariats of the Certified Territorial Entities, who resumed the corresponding settlement process ”.

Thus, the entity maintains that the payment of the back payroll, which corresponds to the month of October, has already begun to be paid since last November 2.

Before the contingency, a total of seven of the 93 ministries of education in the country had already paid their payroll, which leaves 86 entities affected for the problem on the platform.


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