Teachers reject school calendar announced by teachers


Caracas.- Representatives of the teaching union manifested this Sunday, September 18, their rejection of the school calendar announced by the Ministry of Education, which establishes the start of administrative activities on mondays, September 19, and classes on Monday, October 3.

Educators claim that their vacations were interrupted due to the delay in the payment of the vacation bonusdeposited on August 16, and, as established in the second paragraph of article 190 of the Labor Law: “holidays that are interrupted due to events not attributable to the worker, will be reactivated when these circumstances cease,” he explained. by phone to the whistle the educator and director of the Venezuelan Federation of Teachers (FVM), Belkis Bolívar.

«We do not agree with that call even if it is for administrative work. There is a fact attributable to the employer, which is the delayed payment of the vacation bonus that interrupted the vacation of education workers. That means that the 45 days of vacation must start counting from the moment the payment was made », he pointed out.

The president of the Venezuelan Union of Teachers of the Capital District-FVM, Edgar Machado, also consulted by the whistleagreed with Bolívar in that the 45 days end on October 1so they must return on the first business day after that date, that is, October 3, for administrative activities such as the completion of the student registration process and starting classes the second week of October.

Through a statement, the The Venezuelan Union of Teachers of the Capital District also rejected the call of the teaching profession and classified it as “abuse and irresponsibility”. He highlighted that the school infrastructure is deterioratedwithout basic services or conditions to receive students.

The text indicates that teachers’ salaries do not allow them to acquire all the products of the basic basketat the time that their remuneration was affected by the application of the instructions of the National Budget Office (Onapre), for which they reiterate the request for the elimination of this instrument and that they be paid their salary in accordance with their collective contracts and pay them 280% of the salary they owe them.

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Finally, the union assures that the educators want to return to classes, but They ask that their rights to life and health be guaranteed.biosafety conditions and a decent salary.

Belkis Bolívar, for her part, denounced that the employer entity (Ministry of Education) uses coercion and coercion to summon up educators to join from September 16. “We have given this information to teachers, who should not join until October 3,” he insisted. Likewise, he called on the directors of the educational centers not to abide by the school calendar because they also received the payment late, but he recalled that the decision depends on each teacher.

Kemberlyn ThalerGreater Caracas

Kemberlyn ThalerGreater Caracas