Doses of Red Bull, Cider, and Shandy, as well as cold McDonald's – these are some of the worst packed lunches teachers have seen this semester.

Der Spiegel reports that a student from Halifax Elementary School, West Yorkshire, brought a pork pie and a tin of shandy because "that's all that was in the fridge."

Another young student went to school with a Red Bull tin and a bag of Monster Munch corn snacks.

One of dozens of teachers who shared stories on Facebook said, "I'm not ashamed to say that I cried," when a kid with no lunch box or money for a meal said he had milked milk for breakfast their coffee ".

A Leeds-based teacher revealed a child who was uncovered with a pack of ginger biscuits – because her mother was "too tired" and went to work.

Most parents feel guilty about the content of their child's lunchboxes, according to a survey
Most parents feel guilty about the content of their child's lunchboxes, according to a survey

The same teacher questioned a student's mother with a can of Red Bull and said, "He had spent a long night on his Xbox and seemed to need a pick-me-up."

A student in Birmingham was sent to school with a Happy Meal Box with a cold McDonald's burger and fries. Her Gran explained that it had been bought the day before, but the student did not want it, so it was a "shame it was wasting."

In Manchester, a teacher found out that an eight-year-old boy had packed a can of Strongbow Dark Fruit cider because he thought it was a soft drink.

Primary school staff supervise packed lunches.

Unhealthy or unsuitable items can be confiscated and given to parents at the end of the lesson – instead, children will receive a free school lunch worth approximately £ 2.20.

Red Bull Energy Drink Can
Red Bull Energy Drink

The NHS 'Healthy4change Change Campaign encourages parents to make packed lunches to get a healthy sandwich or pack, a piece of fruit, a treat like a jelly or malt bread, and a bottle of water or sugar-free drink.

And it is recommended to replace chips, chocolates and biscuits with homemade, plain popcorn, simple rice cake or fruited teacakes.



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