teale raises two million euros to protect mental health

Created in January 2021, the teale solution has been campaigning from Station F to offer organizations and their employees the best tools to take care of their mental health.

A few years ago, the term ” Mental Health Was a “bad word” to banish from everyone’s vocabulary, and especially at work. Today, companies place it at the heart of their approach, and rightly so since in 2020, one in two employees declared themselves in the throes of psychological distress.

Businesses as vectors of change

The cost of poor mental health treatment weighs on businesses and on Social Security: mental disorders represent the largest expenditure item for Health Insurance, ahead of cancer and cardiovascular diseases (19.3 billion euros). With low assumptions, this cost is estimated on average at 2,000 euros per year and per employee in Europe.

But the problem does not end there. Julia Néel Biz, co-founder and CEO of teale explains: “The stigma is still very present. For us, the real challenge is to lift it so that everyone can finally act in prevention on their mental health. We do not wait to have problems to take care of your physical health. We try to eat healthy, we are advised to play sports regularly, we brush our teeth several times a day. But what do you do for your mental health on a daily basis? It is here that we believe that the company has a role to play, a role of facilitator and prescriber of change ”.

To face this challenge, teale intends its solution for companies in the form of SaaS by putting the technology and data at the service of therapy. teale comes in the form of a mobile application, which gives employees the tools they need on a daily basis. As with home sports applications, the employee answers a questionnaire and takes stock: his state of mental health is thus mapped on more than fifteen facets, both professional and personal. Depending on his answers, the application directs him, as he chooses, to a digital therapy program or to one of the partner therapists. This with respect for confidentiality, since the data is encrypted and secured at the user level (even for the teale team). The first results are convincing. The team has already deployed its application to first customers, and the engagement observed is 20 times greater than traditional solutions, such as hotlines and networking platforms.

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A rapid fundraising that attests to a market emergency

Teale surrounds himself with specialist funds and business angels and is recruiting more than 10 talents this year to build the team, including tech, product and sales. The objective of the fundraising is clear: to invest massively in the quality of the product and the content, in order to meet the growing demands of users and customers. While the United States has 3 “mental health” unicorns, teale wants to take this place in Europe, a very strong growth and very fragmented market.

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