Team Fortress 2 has set an attendance record – Gambling addiction

14 years after its release, an online shooter Team Fortress 2 set a new record for the number of players online. According to SteamDB, On June 26, more than 150 thousand players were online at the same time.

Prior to this, the peak of attendance was recorded in November 2020, then about 147 thousand people entered the game. It is not known what exactly caused these mass records, most likely, the distribution of free cases. But the increase in interest in the game itself is associated primarily with the fact that Valve has finally begun an active fight against bots and cheaters.

However, this struggle has not yet brought much results. The first update, aimed at prohibiting changing nicknames during the game and removing spam from the chat, was released last summer. And the other day, on June 23, there was a small update aimed at improving the stability and security of the game. And before him, the pause between patches dragged on for 112 days.
Currently, 142,986 people are playing Team Fortress 2 at the same time.

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