Teamgroup raises the frequencies of its RAM!

When DDR5 was launched, the Teamgroup brand announced its Elite DDR5 kits. However, last year, the maximum frequency proposed by the brand was 4800 MT/s, which is the base frequency of the standard. Now, a year later, the brand is offering new kits and this time they can go up to 5600 MT/s!

Elite DDR5: Teamgroup’s memory goes up to 5600 MT/s!

On the program, the brand therefore offers new versions of its “basic” memory. Indeed, we find here the simplest bars, without heatsink, or lighting or other. However, they should provide good compatibility with CPU coolers due to their limited size.

As for the characteristics, the first thing to remember is the rise in frequency of the series. Previously limited to 4800 MT/s, we now go to 5600 MT/s while maintaining an operating voltage of 1.1V. However, Teamgroup does not forget laptops either and also offers its memory in SO-DIMM format.

Currently, we do not yet know the sale price. For availability, we are talking about a launch in July for the United States on the official store of the brand on Amazon.

Par ici et to be Teamgroup’s technical sheets!

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