Technique 3, FC México, and Chelsea Triumph in Second Women’s Soccer Tournament

LOMA BONITA, OAX.-Tecnica 3, FC México and Chelsea won their matches on date 1 in the Second Women’s Soccer Tournament 9 “More Goals, Less Violence” that coordinates at the Institute of Youth and Sports on Tuesdays in the unit of “El Conejo”, having rest the champion team Cruz Azul.

Technique 3 of the demanding professor Víctor Solano won CEUL 3-0 by default, which did not arrive with any player, while FC México began losing 0-1 with the Federal “Heroes de la Reforma”, although they later won 3-1, scoring Esmeralda Torres , who was the scoring champion in the last version.

And in the stellar game, the Chelsea blues led by Luz Carrión and directed by “El Vaquero”, faced the City Council of the teacher “Mimí” Velasco, Alejandra and Zuly Quezada, leaving 0-0 in the first half, until they appeared left-handed Perla “Aurrerá” Uscanga to put the “English” ahead 1-0, sponsored by Dr. Vargas, Gaby Ubieta, Gabriel Romero and Omar Lara.

With good work from Gaby, Betzabé, Montse, Ileana, Murcia, Luz, Perla, Meche, Nancy and Diana Sosa, the latter took a shot from outside the area for the final 2-0, moving her people when Dallamanti, Soco, entered, Lupita and the veteran Nancy Castañeda, who played with her in her best years for Chelsea to come out ahead.

2023-06-08 15:14:08