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Technology, Art and Education: Huawei’s least expected alliance to become an agent of change

by archyw

The technology brand seeks to become an agent of change with an unexpected alliance with art.

Aware of the impact that can be achieved in society, Huawei teamed up with Hero and visual artist Francisco Diego to raise funds and help low-income children to receive a quality education through the Becar Foundation.

From this alliance, a sculpture created by Francisco Diego was born that will be up for auction until next July 8. What is collected from the sale of the piece made with clay and steel will go 100% to the foundation.

RSVP online He had the opportunity to talk with Francisco Diego and Alix Durnhofer, Huawei Mexico’s pr manager, to tell us more about this unusual but inspiring alliance.

How is this alliance given?

Alix: Two years ago we began to have the objective of supporting talent in Mexico regardless of the field, because in the end technology encompasses everything.

Last year I met David Zambra from Hero and we started talking about this goal of positioning and becoming agents of change. I know Francisco Diego and we consider what he does inspiring. We spoke with David and we challenged him with technology and solidarity to bring him down on a sculpture that was donated to Hero for auction.

Do you think there is a relationship between technology and art?

Francisco Diego: Today, art as I have worked it could not be conceived without the use of technology. From starting with a shower of images and starting to cultivate your head through any accessory to being able to share it. Before it was through a museum or a gallery, but today technology is a great ally of art and making it possible for anyone to see and appreciate it.

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Does art influence education?

Francisco Diego: Definitely. I believe that art is a companion of society and is growing along with artistic creation. Art is a reflection of the community in general and studying art is learning to put ourselves on the feet of another who is in other circumstances.

Technology definitely makes us more human, brings us closer to others and education through art are more than linked.

Why did you take the owl as your inspiration?

Francisco Diego: The inspiration of the owl was with this vision was to be 360, to be able to turn everywhere and have contact with all people. And that technology is also turning and looking forward.

What is the impact that Huawei seeks to have with these types of alliances?

Alix: It is to realize that all the branches, if you put them together, no matter what you work on, they come from the same line. You can have the same idea and we can create for something good. Be agents of change.

The main thing we are looking for is that other companies take it as an example and join it. The size does not matter, but with this seed you can make a big change.

If you want to participate in the auction and take home Francisco Diego’s piece while helping the Becar Foundation, visit this site. Remember that you have until July 8 to make your proposal.


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