Technology changes tobacco consumption


There are more than 1,100 million smokers in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). More than 7 million die each year due to diseases caused by the smoke generated by the combustion of tobacco in cigarettes.

5/18/2018 How can technology change consumption? Gabriela Wurcel, vice president of Corporate Affairs for Latin America and Canada of the multinational Philip Morris International (PMI), said that scientific research reveals that cigarettes must reinvent themselves to reduce health risks. Therefore, PMI announced that it will stop selling cigarettes. “We have been developing four products of reduced risk, among them IQOS, which is a device in the form of a pencil that heats the tobacco sticks, which decreases the levels of harmful substances by 90%,” he said. The goal is to replace traditional cigars with tobacco sticks. “We have invested some 4,500 million dollars in a project to achieve a future without smoke,” he said. The pending challenge is to promote the modifications of the legal framework to differentiate a pack with products derived from tobacco.


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