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Technology: Experts warn against downloading new update for iPhone and iPad phones (Video)

CAIRO – Cybersecurity experts warned that Apple's new update to iOS12.1 for iPhones and iPads would not have a serious security vulnerability that could break through the device and steal its contents. It includes limited features, including more Emoticons, and support for the use of two "sim" lines on the phone.
The experts discovered that the serious security threat is related to the "lock screen" in the mentioned devices, which can be bypassed by hackers, strangers and even thieves, without having to open the device by "finger or finger fingerprints," and this penetration allows access to all contacts, Published by the site "The Virgin" American specialized in this area.

The new vulnerability allows access to contacts through a group conversation using Visetime Group, after the "Flight" mode is activated, and the images stored on the device can be stolen.

A security expert posted a video on YouTube that showed that the breakthroughs in the new update did not take more than two hours after the update of IOS 12.0.1.

This content is subject to the following conditions: Technology: Experts warn against downloading the new update for iPhone and iPads (video). Ali the original publisher is the people of Egypt.



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