Technology project created in Aysén will be presented in Miami

Technology project created in Aysén will be presented in Miami

Andrés Oyarzún, Jeniver Oyarzún and Claudio Oyarzún, are alumni of Inacap Coyhaique headquarters and are currently partners, among them they carried out an innovative technology project called IWI.
The IWI project consists of a virtual management platform for business decision-making regarding HR and occupational risks. The main objective of IWI is to solve the problem of administrative management currently presented by SMEs, where lack of resources lack specialized professionals, a situation that affects their administrative processes, so they are exposed to legal breaches, which is translates to fines by inspection bodies, low quality of products and services and loss of customer loyalty.
IWI is an affordable alternative thanks to the business model achieved through the Virtual platform, it is a platform that can be ductile and therefore grow in continuous improvement, an example of this is that it is adaptable to the needs of the company, delivering different price alternatives. Its vision of expansion and growth is short-term, which can integrate the tasks of quality and environment under national and international standards (Iso-Osha), to be able to establish integrated management systems in small and medium enterprises.
In order to achieve this venture, the partners applied for the Semilla Corfo Capital Program last year, an instrument that allowed them to finance and boost the company’s commercial growth through actions such as commercial prospecting, brand development and positioning, strengthening of the services platform and certification of ISO standards. among other benefits.
The IWI Project is currently being prepared to be presented along with 6 other Chilean companies in the Information and Communications Technology (Tic’s) business tour between April 23 and 26 at the Miami Conversion Center. The commercial mission entails a visit to the eMerge Americas fair in order to facilitate that Chilean companies providing Tic services, especially SMEs with export potential, access real commercial opportunities and be able to carry out business; besides making a diagnosis of the possibilities that this market presents.
eMerge AMERICAS Miami 2018 will be a conference focused on the technologies applied to Smart Cities, Big Data, mobility and transport, energy, water and health, with two intensive days, stimulating interactive sessions, events in Miami’s most emblematic places. networking, as well as presentations designed for conversation with creativity.
Jeniver Oyarzun is one of the founding members of the IWI company, which together with her cousins, has developed the virtual platform. In conversation with the press, she was happy with the achievements of the project and the satisfaction of being able to make visible in this international business square, and to increase the contact network for the innovative project, in this regard she says “we can thank Corfo who gave us the tools to start and expand. We also thank ProChile because thanks to them, we can expand our business and think beyond the national side. And finally, to thank Inacap and its development center because it has given us tools, in terms of communication and sales. ”
For those interested in knowing more about this platform and its virtues, they can enter the site

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