TECHNOLOGY: Tool that helps children improve their reading fluency

Microsoft’s Reading Progress can be used by teachers and parents to help children read


The development of the ability to read begins from the first years of children’s lives and is the basis of people’s communication. Daily reading aloud, for example, favors fluency, the ability to read with precision, speed and expression, and that is the goal of Reading Progress, Microsoft’s learning-oriented tool.

In the case of teachers, their work in the classroom is limited by the time they have to teach and prepare the necessary material for a fun experience for children, something that is not easy. For this reason, the Microsoft tool seeks to support education and its improvement through technology.

Reading Progress is available as a feature within Microsoft Teams and can be configured in multiple languages. Students using this tool will be able to gain confidence in their reading ability and increase their fluency thanks to the personalization teachers create for them.

Microsoft Reading Progress monitors the progress of students’ reading skills. (Microsoft)

This tool works on different platforms such as Desktop, Mac, web, iOS and Android; and the passages of reading progress are easy to create and differentiate so that the children have facilities when practicing with the supervision of the educators. Students read snippets of text aloud, creating a recording that teachers can access for review as needed.

Features of Reading Progress

Recording read-aloud practice sessions allows educators to track their students’ fluency, so progress can be monitored frequently and individually for each child.

With the training that students receive to complete their activities within the platform, a focus related to practice and growth is maintained in a relaxed and pressure-free environment.

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Microsoft Reading Progress enables recording of read-aloud practice sessions and allows educators to track their students’ fluency. (Microsoft)

In addition to recording practice sessions, Reading Progress makes it easy to collect data that can be reviewed by educators such as accuracy rate, correct words per minute, most challenging vocabulary, mispronunciations, omissions, and insertions are recorded. by the system to raise the level of tasks according to the progress of the boys and girls.

The immersive reader that it has is a very useful tool to improve the reading experience. It helps improve skills like comprehension and grammar, and works with popular programs like Word, Power Point, and Excel, as well as Edge, Teams, and Outlook. It can also be configured in other languages ​​besides Spanish for those who wish to learn.

Reading Programs is also capable of recognizing texts written in Word, Power Point, OneNote, among other Microsoft programs. You can change the size of fonts; read aloud and highlight the words with different colors, for those who have color blindness, so that anyone can learn.

Microsoft Reading Progress allows teachers to track their students’ progress. (Microsoft)

In addition, it has a drawing dictionary with which words can be translated into images, and it includes grammatical options such as separating a word into syllables, distinguishing between nouns, verbs or adjectives, among other functions.

Developing solid reading and writing skills at an early age is one of the keys to the quality of education for boys and girls around the world, and technology is a tool that contributes to strengthening these processes.