Teddy Minahasa was confronted with Dody Prawiranegara for 22 hours

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – AKBP attorney Dody Prawiranegara, Adriel Viari Purba, said that the confrontation examination between Inspector General Teddy Minahasa and his client was completed within 22 hours. The examination ended on Thursday morning at 07.00 at the Directorate of Narcotics of Polda Metro Jaya.

“This photo was taken at 7 in the morning after 22 hours of us accompanying AKBP Dody in the confrontational examination agenda against Inspector General of Police Teddy,” said Adriel in his Instagram upload on Thursday, November 24, 2022.

The examination of the two suspects in the alleged embezzlement of methamphetamine as evidence at the Bukittinggi Police started yesterday at 09.00.

Adriel said that his client underwent an examination against his former boss, Inspector General Teddy Minahasawith sincerity and perseverance. “Father Dody lived all of this sincerely, steadfastly and strong for the sake of justice,” he said.

When asked further about the confrontation examination, Adriel stated that he would convey it soon.

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Furthermore, the atmosphere of the confrontational examination was awkward…