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Teen detects problem in Apple system and is awarded: Direct Line

U.S.- A 14-year-old teenager detected a serious security problem with the group video calls in FaceTime, since he discovered that with the iphone equipment they could listen to conversations of people without interacting in the group.

When looking to connect a game and be online with some friends realized the error, and immediately take action on the matter.

The young man named Grant Thompson, along with his mother, sent the error specification in that function, but the answer was not given quickly, after 9 days of sending emails and leaving some messages on social networks, without giving many details of the error to avoid misuse of the application an answer was obtained.

The US company Apple will reward the young person who detected this security flaw, which will be borne by Apple's "but bounty" program, which encourages and rewards users' search for errors, but did not specify in what way this prize will consist.

This is one of the messages sent to the Apple company to report the error in the iOS system.



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