Teenage girl killed by shark in Australia

A 16-year-old girl has been killed by a shark in Australia. She was jet skiing with friends when she was attacked in a river on Saturday February 4.

A real drama. A 16-year-old girl died on Saturday February 4 after being attacked by a shark in a river in Western Australia. The animal, of an unknown species, seriously injured the victim while she was swimming with her friends in the Swan River, in Fremantle on the outskirts of Perth, according to the statement from the state government.

She had been pulled out of the water by the emergency services and then declared dead on the spot after the failure of resuscitation attempts. The circumstances of the attack are still unclear: “It’s still very early, what we know is that she was at the river with friends,” said Paul Robinson, of the Fremantle police.

A rare attack

“They were on jet skis. A group of dolphins was seen in the vicinity and the girl jumped into the water to swim with them,” continued Paul Robinson. He also said that experts have confirmed that it is not common to find sharks in this part of the river.

The victim’s family is “totally devastated by the news” of this “very, very traumatic incident”, it is added.

A dramatic event that had not happened for a century. The last fatal attack in the Swan River was in January 1923 and claimed the life of a 13-year-old boy. A few years later, in 1960, Australia’s last fatal attack took place in Sydney when a bull shark attacked a diver.