Teixeira and Caldek’s naturalization need Evergrande model to break the high salary or cause dissatisfaction with the national team

Original title: Teixeira and Caldek’s naturalization needs Hengda model to break the standard high salary or cause dissatisfaction with international players

At the Suzhou Sports Center on the evening of the 19th, in the final match of the first round of the knockout group, Jiangsu Suning’s foreign aid Teixeira opened the scoring with a low shot in the first half. Chongqing foreign aid Caldek equalized the score with a header in the second half. Suning and Chongqing 1- 1 draw.

And these two potential naturalized targets of the national football team scored together, which made many fans sigh, “The national football team hurry up and naturalize. With these two people, the frontcourt attack is really picturesque.”

So, is it really possible to naturalize Teixeira and Caldek? Do they comply with the naturalization policy?

Teixeira and Caldek both scored the goal in their best way on the evening of the 19th-Teixeira grabbed a two-point kick, a decisive low shot from the penalty area line, and the Chongqing goalkeeper couldn’t save. Although he touched the ball, he couldn’t. Block access to the network;

As a center forward, Kaldeck received a corner kick and header to beat the former Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan’s main defender Miranda completed the goal.

In September of this year, FIFA updated the “Revision of Player Status Conversion Regulations”. Many players in the Super League have already met the latest naturalization standards. Among them, Teixeira and Caldek are the most anticipated by the outside world.

In the past year or so, non-blood naturalized players including Exon, Alan, Luo Guofu and Fernando have all been qualified to represent the national football team. In terms of naturalization, Li Ke and Jiang Guangtai can also represent the national football team.

According to the previous statement of the Chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Chen Xuyuan, the overall attitude of the Chinese Football Association towards naturalized players is “fewer but better”, which is more in line with the actual situation in China-to really create a national team with Yan Junling plus ten naturalized players, That’s weird.

Under the overall policy of being small and precise, it is not difficult to understand why Caldek and Teixeira are highly anticipated.

The two were teammates of the Brazilian World Youth Saiyan Army. Caldek is the most needed center player for the Chinese team. The current Exxon was actually naturalized last year. His condition had already gone downhill. But Karl Dirk has maintained a very good competitive level in these two or three seasons.

Not to mention Teixeira. As a winger and second forward, Teixeira’s ability far exceeds Luo Guofu and Alan, and his overall ability is slightly better than Fernando and Goulart.

If they can be naturalized, Caldek and Teixeira can definitely lock the starting position of the national football forward.

Who will promote the work of naturalization?

I have confirmed that my eyes are indeed what the national football team needs. So the question is, can the national football team complete the naturalization?

It depends on the player’s wishes-so far, whether it is the interview or the voice of the management team, it can be concluded that Teixeira and Caldek do not exclude playing for the national football.

The rest is nothing more than can the Chinese Football Association persuade the two to fight for the national football? How to persuade?

Don’t hide it-the naturalized player policy in the past two years is nothing more than a mode of paying for employment.

Regarding the follow-up promotion of naturalized players, the relevant person of the Chinese Football Association said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency, “The Chinese Football Association pays great attention to the relevant content of the FIFA Annual Congress. The Chinese Football Association will follow the new FIFA rules and relevant regulations, and ensure that Promote the work of naturalized players.”

The statement of the Chinese Football Association is actually only half right. It is the club, or Guangzhou Evergrande, that really promotes the naturalization work.

So far, Exxon, Luo Guofu, Alan and Fernando have all completed their naturalization work with the help of Evergrande. The naturalized players operated by Evergrande include Gao Lat, Jiang Guangtai and Xiao Taotao. .

If you want to persuade foreign players to play on behalf of the national football team, you must give the players a high-income professional contract and other additional costs. The Chinese Football Association cannot pay for the professional contracts and related costs of naturalized players. Therefore, the previous model was The so-called “raising scholars for the country”, and the future naturalization model will need to follow this route.

In other words, Teixeira and Caldek also need to find a club that can pay for their naturalization.

How is the naturalization policy balanced under the salary limit order?

Previously, according to Guangzhou media, after SIPG’s annual salary of 6 million euros after tax was transferred to Evergrande, Exxon signed a long-term contract of about 10 million euros; he was loaned to Palmeiras’ high Rattle’s previous income was about 5 million euros after tax. Evergrande recalled him and completed the renewal of the contract. The new contract salary was also about 10 million euros.

But now and then. At the end of last year, the Chinese Football Association issued a more stringent salary limit order, which stipulates that the maximum annual salary after tax for the local national football team is 6.6 million yuan, while the annual salary for foreign aid is 3 million euros.

According to foreign media reports, Teixeira’s annual salary in Suning is 12 million euros after tax, and Caldek’s income is 10 million US dollars after tax.

At present, Teixeira and Suning’s contract are less than three months away. The reason why the contract extension cannot be reached is that the salary limit order is a very important factor-Teixeira cannot accept a three-quarters sharp drop in income. , And during this time, the Riyadh Crescent in Saudi Arabia is also willing to give Teixeira a high-income contract.

The conditions for Teixeira’s naturalization are imaginable-first, a multi-year contract with no less than the current income, and then other related expenses. But from the club’s point of view, there is no way to openly violate the regulations and give Teixie a high salary.

What’s more troublesome is the stability factor of the entire national football team-if Teixeira and Caldek finally complete the naturalization, they must have gotten a contract that meets the psychological price, and the problem will follow. Why naturalization Can players not comply with relevant salary limits?

What do you think of local players who also wear national team jerseys? With dissatisfaction, it will inevitably affect combat effectiveness.

Naturalization is really troublesome.

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