Tekashi69 betrays himself in front of Yailin La Más Viral, deletes the evidence but it was too late

If there is someone who is always in charge of ventilating his private life and even showing off the gifts he receives, that is it. Yailin The Most Viralwho again became the topic of conversation by showing off the new truck that arrived at his house, it is a Mercedes-Benz G-class 63 AMG, which has an approximate value of 400 thousand dollars.

But after having shown the luxury car and posing next to this supposed gift, there was someone who came out to congratulate her, since Tekashi 69 could not hide his happiness and sent a little message to the reggaeton player, which made many think that the rapper could be behind all this, but although he wanted to erase the evidence, now it was too late.

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It turns out that the quirky singer could not contain himself and wrote to the Dominican, “You deserve it”, in addition to placing an emoji in his messagefor which the fans kept the test, since after having betrayed 6ix9nie chose to take an urgent measure and his writing disappearedwithout imagining that this would unleash various theories.

It is not yet known if the interpreter was in charge of giving the Caribbean woman a tremendous gift, but various portals indicate that Tekashi69 was recently seen in the Dominican Republic, where he has recorded songs and conducted interviews. Some show business pages claimed that he was caught leaving an establishment with Yailin, which has not been confirmed.

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The rumors that circulate in networks, is that the famous would be trying to conquer Anuel’s ex, with whom she had her daughter Cattleya, born in April. Others affirm that it is marketing to talk about and that both could be creating a strategy to be on everyone’s lipsbut what drew attention is that La Chivirika did not flinch at the rapper’s congratulations, so it is unknown if love arose between them or they are just good friends.

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2023-05-24 16:19:06