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Telecinco equates Nazism and independence

Friday evening, a Informative Telecinco, Pedro Piqueras took advantage of a historical event to charge against the Process. After a news about how Albert Rivera had been a great host in the meeting of European liberal parties urging " to curb the enemies of Europe, the nationalists and the populists ", Piqueras put the focus on commemorating the Night of Broken Glass in Germany. On the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the first great lynching of the Nazis against Jews, with more than a thousand victims and the burning of their businesses, temples, houses and books, the news emphasized declarations by Angela Merkel in a Berlin synagogue sentencing That made like that could not happen again. " It is the essence of a message against nationalisms in all formats "Said the news voice in off. And then they inserted two images of a great pro-independence demonstration (in fact, it was one in defense of the freedom of political prisoners). These images were accompanied by a selection of different European neo-Nazi movements.

To confirm the risk thesis that repeated mistakes of the past showed the testimony of a survivor of the concentration camps, which feared what was happening at the moment. The voice-over closed the news warning: " Sometimes, neither looking at the past seems to serve as an antidote ".

It is clear that in the way they illustrated a news they clearly compared independence with the neo-Nazi resurgence. The journalistic approach did not have the will of information of an international nature, but made a free interpretation in the Spanish key. The news of Telecinco also had a part of free interpretation. Merkel affirmed that he would do everything he could to avoid repeating what happened eighty years ago and focused his address on current anti-Semitism around the world. Pilar Bernal, the journalist who signed the video, decided that this was a message " against nationalisms in all formats", A concept that, if contrasted with the other chronicles and statements made by politicians in that synagogue, was not used at any time. In that same act, President Stenmeier appealed to go "against the new aggressive nationalism underpinned by lies and spreads of slogans", alluding to the growing Alternative populist party for Germany, which has a clear anti-Semitic tendency. From " Nationalisms in all formats"He did not talk at any time. But the truth is that the phrase of the journalist who signed the information was the ideal resource, the subtle and perfect manipulation, to compare the independentism with Nazism visually, putting the demonstrations in favor of the Process with the dangerous ones at the same level Neonazal currents and the extreme right.

What highlights the news of Telecinco is that it is not possible to repeat mistakes of the past but as, in the present, Nazism is a great ally and the preferred tool to combat political discrepancy and sow fear.


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