Telegram presents paid subscription: bigger files and unique stickers | NOW

Chat service Telegram has officially announced the arrival of its paid subscription service. With Telegram Premium, people get access to 4GB file uploads, faster downloads, animated profile pictures, and exclusive stickers, among other things.

Telegram writes on its website about the new features of Premium, but does not mention the monthly price yet. TechCrunch can report that the paid subscription costs between 5 and 6 dollars (between 4.75 and 5.70 euros).

In return, subscribers get access to several exclusive features. This allows them to upload larger files. For free users it is still possible to upload documents, photos and videos of up to 2 GB, for subscribers there is a limit of 4 GB. Free users can download the oversized files shared by subscribers.

Premium users get doubled limits in other areas as well. For example, they can follow a thousand channels, create twenty chat folders with two hundred conversations each and pin ten chats to the main list.

In addition, Premium makes it possible to convert voice messages to text. It is not clear whether this also works with Dutch messages.

Unique stickers and animated pictures

Unique (moving) stickers will become available to Premium members that they can send to other people. New stickers are added to the collection every month. In addition, the users can also add unique emoji reactions to messages. These are emojis that are pasted directly onto a message, such as a heart or a smiling face.

Premium users are given the option to set a moving profile picture. It is also available to free users. In addition, the subscribers no longer see advertisements. Sponsored posts can be seen in some countries, appearing among other posts in major, public channels.

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Telegram remains free

Free users can continue to chat for free as they already did. Innovations have also been presented for them. Public groups can now enable join requests, so admins can rate new members before chatting.

Also, public figures and organizations can verify their group, channel or bot with a blue check mark. This allows them to demonstrate that they are an established source. For a blue check mark, the person or organization must be verified on at least two other social networks.

Telegram announced with the announcement that it now has 700 million monthly users worldwide.