Telegram video calls can now be attended by up to 1,000 viewers at a time

video call

The communication software Telegram just added the video call function at the end of June, and it has now greatly expanded its capabilities to allow up to 1,000 viewers to participate in the same video chat. However, only 30 of these can be broadcast simultaneously, and the remaining 970 can only be pure viewers. Telegram said when the previous function was launched that it would focus on increasing the number of people participating in video conferences at the same time, and after today’s expansion, it will continue to increase the upper limit of the number of participants in the future.

In addition to this main feature expansion, Telegram has also enhanced the resolution of video messages, added the option of screen sharing in one-to-one video, and can be set to automatically delete messages after one month (previously there was only one day or one week option) , More password reset options, and dynamic Emoji. Video playback can now also choose 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x or 2x playback speed. On Android, there are new animations when sending messages; while on iOS, the ability to send messages to multiple contacts has been updated, and the built-in camera function has been updated-if the phone supports 0.5x or 2x zoom , Now you can control the zoom directly from the app.



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