Telekom provides 10 days unlimited mobile internet

During the festive period, Magyar Telekom will offer its customers unlimited 10-day mobile internet, which can be activated in the Telekom application available for both iOS and Android between November 22 and December 20. And small and medium-sized business customers who do not have application access can activate the holiday discount via SMS.

The company also draws attention to the importance of caring and paying attention to each other through a program that builds on the collaboration of its customers.

In the first round, the company is offering a HUF 40 million donation to support four high-profile social issues, cooperating with two NGOs per case in the framework of a donation agreement, distributing the donation amount equally among eight selected civil / non-profit organizations. In addition, this amount will be doubled and the second HUF 40 million will be distributed among the four social affairs in proportion to their votes, with the participation of their clients. Each customer who activates 10 days of unlimited mobilenet can also choose which of the following four to support.

1. Digital awareness, digital catching up

The IDEA Foundation aims to help children access reliable information, and projects in line with school education have been developed to help teachers make informed media use. The aim of the Informatics for the Visually Impaired Foundation is to make the world visible to visually impaired people living in Hungary with the help of computers, screen reading and screen magnification software, and digital dictaphones. It also aims to ensure the successful participation of visually impaired people in education and training, increase the number of job opportunities available to them and improve their chances of retaining employment by making the latest advances in computer technology available.

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2. Helping children to catch up and integrate

The Bagázs Public Benefit Association works for a more equal society in two Roma settlements, Bagon and Dány, and helps Roma families to move forward step by step with the help of volunteers. Within the framework of their complex children’s program, they develop basic skills, and with their integrated program, they support mobility and the retention of upper secondary school students in public education. The Unicef ​​Hungarian Committee is the Hungarian branch of UNICEF, a well-known and well-known non-governmental organization working for the betterment of children worldwide. A number of initiatives in support of digital equality and online protection of children have also been embraced.

3. Developing and improving the quality of life of people with disabilities

The main goal of the Hungarian Angelman Syndrome Foundation is to help families raising children with disabilities, especially children born with Angelman Syndrome and their families. One of the outstanding elements of this assistance is their occupations that help to develop communication and speaking skills, which are of great importance in their daily lives. The foundation is also involved in disseminating knowledge and advising on childcare.

4. Quality sports facilities for disadvantaged and disabled people

A Suhanj! The foundation is a non-profit, non-profit non-governmental organization that has shared the joy of exercise with our injured and disabled peers since 2010, providing them with regular training opportunities in several sports. The foundation has created and operates Hungary’s first fully accessible, integrative gym, SUHANJ! Fitness, where a quarter of guests have a disability. The Give Yoga Foundation distributes the elements of yoga that encourage meditative, physical and spiritual harmony to adults and children who have experienced trauma and are in a difficult life situation in a sustainable way. It aims to bring about the change they bring beyond yoga classes and have a long-term positive social impact.

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Telekom will supplement the above donation with an additional donation of more than 1,000 used, refurbished mobile devices as part of its renewed Mobile Donor Program. Launched as a pilot and now growing into a social commitment, the program is helping families in need to access the opportunities of the digital world by collecting smartphones at home.

In the communication of the program, of which the Ákos Stiller Telekom would like to draw attention to the creation of opportunities, to which everyone can contribute by offering their unused but still functional phone on the Mobildonor website. The service provider undertakes to send a courier for all suitable used telephones, to carry out the necessary minor repairs and data removal on the collected devices, and to provide a HUF 5,000 accessory coupon for use in Telekom stores in exchange for the offer. In addition, this year Telekom will provide a SIM card in addition to the devices offered.