The group will use its own infrastructure such as the gray power distribution boxes. "When setting up our nationwide charging network, we combine fast charging points with normal charging points," explained the managing director of Telekom subsidiary DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH, Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, on Monday.

In addition to the power distribution points as a charging station to go in the next three months, about 100 quick charging stations to the grid, by 2021 then a total of 500. In just ten minutes, a vehicle could "refuel" power for about 100 kilometers range here.

A well-developed charging infrastructure is considered the key to the success of electromobility. The number of electricity charging stations would have to be according to calculations of researchers more than three times as large as it is currently: 35,000 public and so-called semi-public charging points, such as shopping, are therefore needed. In addition, up to 4,000 fast charging stations are recommended for everyday use – of which there are currently only a few hundred.

Dusseldorf (Reuters)

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Image sources: Deutsche Telekom AG, ricochet64 /, Juergen Schwarz / Getty Images, Cineberg /

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