September 13, 2018 07:37 PM
Updated on September 13, 2018 7:43 PM
Telemundo positioned itself for the second consecutive season as the number one Spanish-language television network in the United States. It is also within the five main independent language chains in the country.

"We have listened to our viewers and created new and original content that satisfies their appetite across all platforms, this strategy is generating high levels of audience, and more than anything capturing the hearts and attention of today's Latino audience," he said. César Conde, CEO of NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises and NBCUniversal International Group, said Infobae.

The television channel captured 50% of the audience in Spanish, positioning itself for the fourth season in number one, during night time.

"We are honored that Hispanics have chosen Telemundo as their preferred option for a second consecutive season," said Conde.

The most viewed series in all Spanish television were The Lord of the Skies and Without Sines there is Paradise.

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