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Televisión Española recovers the Benidorm festival as a preselection for Eurovision

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Radiotelevisión Española will choose its representative at Eurovision 2022 through a musical event in Benidorm to be held at the beginning of the year. The Valencian Government, the Benidorm City Council and the Public Radio Television have signed an agreement this Thursday to launch a contest that chooses the one selected for next year’s musical contest, a gala similar to the well-known Benidorm Festival that will select the artist and song that will compete.

This has been announced by the president of the corporation, José Manuel Pérez Tornero; the Director of Contents of TVE, Amalia Martínez; the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig; and the mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez, in a presentation to the media this Thursday. The event will consist of three galas on three consecutive nights during the month of December. The public administrations -Generalitat and the City Council- will finance the project, while public radio and television will be the one to carry out the event and select the melodies.

The president of RTVE has indicated that the intention is that “young people win Eurovision and that it is projected in the world”. In addition, he has asked “to abandon melancholy and bad results.” “When you go out, you go out to win,” he asserted. Pérez Tornero also highlighted the collaboration between institutions, highlighted that the idea of ​​combining Eurovision and Benidorm came from the president, Ximo Puig, and thanked the mayor for “joining the project right away.”

For Puig, the celebration of this event means putting “the soul and culture” at the center. “Thank you for accepting the magnificent idea that Benidorm is the venue to win, win hope,” he said. “Benidorm has never stopped being Benidorm, and it will be more than ever with this festival,” said Puig, who has defended the celebration of this selection.

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For his part, Pérez has pointed out that music “has always been linked to this city.” In this sense, he recalled the first International Song Festival, which “opened Benidorm” to national and international tourism. “From Benidorm came the most outstanding hits of the Spanish song.” “62 years later the illusion returns,” he said, and has prompted “singers and authors” to seek to jump from Benidorm to Eurovision. The old Benidorm Festival stopped being held in 2006 after almost 50 years. Raphael, Julio Iglesias or Dyango were some of the artists who went through the Benidormera event in its early stages.


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