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Television. Journalist, a job in question

Are journalists really "all rotten", as has been heard over the last few weeks, months, years? Complementary investigation, the magazine of France 2, tries, through three reports, one of which, emblematic, on high school students put on their knees by the police in Mantes-la-Jolie on December 7, to show the reality of this profession so decried. The first of these reports, entitled "Media Liars" by Laure Pollez, follows journalists from BFMTV, and the founder of VĂ©cu, the media of yellow vests, on Saturday demonstrations. The subject is not uninteresting, even if it sounds a bit like self-justification. An interlocutor stands out, for whom the question is not so much to have an editorial line oriented, but rather to "say where we speak": BFMTV and Europe 1, for example, for him, are media engaged, who boast an objectivity that does not exist in the facts.

But the big part of this show is the report of Rola Tarsissi in Mantes-la-Jolie. The reporter there met high school students on board this famous December 7, parents, witnesses, but also an interlocutor of the prefecture and police commissioner of Mantes. It shows outdated policemen and traumatized youth who will not forgive. It shows above all that police and prefecture, once again, are in complete impunity in word and deed. Finally, the journalist details the way in which her investigation took place, from the choice of the subject to the editing conference to editing. This is probably the most convincing message: for a report of sixteen minutes, she had to make twenty hours of interviews, collect 975 photos, watch one hour and twenty-six minutes of archives … and spend eight days editing . Finally, a third report, quite chilling, speaks of this crazy innovation: robots journalists. In the years to come, it will be easier to discuss with a journalist than with an algorithm.


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