Tell me where you declare the Treasury and I will tell you how much of a patriot you have

I do not subtract a millimeter of success to Ibai Llanos for having managed to bring together millions of people in front of a screen. On the contrary: the content, no matter how much Llanos himself has spectacularized it (he is the best at this, it is indisputable), was crap. A streamer (a presenter and showman on Twitch) and Bustamante (the singer, yes) have boxed amateurishly and the fight has lasted only two rounds because the Spaniard has thrown in the towel. with that Ibai has broken the audience record again after trying it with a cooking program in influencers’ houses with Kiko Rivera as a claim, among others.

That’s our competition

The achievement of Ibai Llanos deserves reflection because it is clear that he has not achieved it with the content, but with the expectation and the idea of ​​generating an event and participatingr (pay, view and comment). We traditional media have to shake off that: it’s not what we tell, it’s how we do it. And it is precisely about this that Ramón Salaverría recently tweeted: “A long time ago I wrote that Current journalism had become six double Vs: who, what, when, where, why &… wow!!! Lately, however, I think that the news, and especially the headlines, sadly walk towards a single double vee: So what?

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reality against all

It is also true that we talk about different issues: Ibai Llanos offers pure entertainment, combat does not even belong to a competition. The traditional media, however, are obliged to inform of what happens even when it comes to news that would leave behind the invented headlines of El Jueves: “García Egea reappears in Valladolid in its new facet: ‘The cryptocurrency is going to change the world'”. What the former number two of the PP does is to close a circle in a big way, defending and now offering investment alternatives that are experiencing their worst moments.

Don’t go, there’s still more

Do as with Ibai Llanos: stay with me a while longer, wait and see if Jagger opens a wound to Bustamante and blood begins to come out, and if the singer gives in after six minutes, stay for the laughs, that reality is still hilarious: “Miami and Madrid are the home of people who flee discouragement, unemployment and communism” (El Independent). This is what Ayuso said in the American city during a visit that we later learned has been very expensive for the return it has generated for the Community. Ayuso herself will have generated some benefit: the trip, the little bit of television and the headline. That headline.

Brexit is for “dupes”

Tell me where you report to the Treasury and I’ll tell you how patriotic you are. Measuring nationalism is not only possible, it’s that simple. And despite this, some have no problem being caught crossing the border with the ice cream cart: “These are data from The Times: 321 British parliamentarians already have Irish nationality. Brexit is something for the unwary. They will continue to be citizens of the EU”, Idafe Martínez tweeted about a message from Irish Monk. It is not easy to verify the accuracy of the figure, but it ise leaving the Union was a bad idea which will increase the difference between classes. Message for the unwary.