“Tell them we are alive”, the grief of a child with open words

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Tell them we are alive

Tuesday May 5 at 12:10 a.m. on France 2 (initially scheduled at 11:40 p.m.)

A few months ago, a bill triggered a crisis in the National Assembly. The content was however a priori consensual. It was about creating bereavement leave. In addition to the passing of political weapons, the country discovered with surprise that nothing was planned for those affected by this tragedy.

This legal vacuum mainly echoes the form of denial that surrounds these deaths, as the beautiful documentary by Caroline Conte and Thomas Robin shows so forcefully. It gives a measure of the taboo that still hangs today on this death which is not in the order of things. The bias of the two documentary filmmakers is to make this drama heard. They only give the floor to parents, without any comments. They pick their words, whether they are full of restraint or anger. They follow these parents through the seasons on the paths of their mourning, both literally and figuratively. They accompany them on the retreats they choose, where they come to cry far from sight and judgment: a forest, a mountain path, the edge of the ocean. The landscapes are raw and omnipresent in magnificent images.

Fragile reconstruction

These seriously wounded people of life recount unvarnished their impossibility from now on to sing or laugh “as before”, and the fragile paths of their reconstruction. At no time is it known under what circumstances these children died, or at what age. We only know their first names because it is an emotional portrait of mourning that is drawn up. But also anger. That of not being able to find an ear to whom to tell this story that nobody wants to hear. Until I have “The feeling of no longer being part of the society of men”, sums up one of these mothers. This documentary pays them a sober tribute.



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