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Weather: TEMPERATURES, very COLD and also FROZEN arrive, now there is the Date! We tell you WHEN and WHERE

COLD and FROZEN are arriving even in the plainsHere comes the real cold, now there is a date! And with the cold the will also occur first series of frosts on the plains.
A taste of all this we have already felt in the night and in the early hours of Wednesday 24 when, thanks to a reinforcement of the winds from Bora and of Grecale e i clearings which have occurred in many areas of the North, the temperatures have lowered by several degrees, until reaching values ​​close to the frost threshold (0 ° C), giving rise also to some frost in the suburban areas, especially of the North East.

We expect a nice chill even on Thursday 25th, but this time it will be more noticeable during the day due to a decided worsening weather conditions with temperature who will struggle to climb beyond 5/6°C on many corners of the Northwest.
But it won’t end there. Another block of very cold air is expected for the weekend when the mercury columns are maintained below average, especially al Center-North. Just think about that Val Padana, in a calmer weather context and therefore with greater areas of clear sky, during the night and in the hours close to dawn, thermometers can even drop below zero, especially on the western sectors and in the valley bottom of the Trentino Alto Adige.
However, it will also be colder during the day in the rest of the country given the strong atmospheric instability.

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Between Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 many cities of the Center they will have values ​​that will fluctuate around 10/11°C, come Florence e Perugia. A Roma we will pass from the current ones 18/19°C to the 12/13°C of the next weekend and also in the South we will experience a moderate thermal drop, with values ​​very similar to those of the central regions.

Out of the heavier garments therefore, as we will typically pass from the context autumnal these days to a purely scenario winter.