Temporary teachers unemployed again over the summer

Temporary teachers will again be out of work over the summer holidays, although they will be needed again for the next school year. Minister of Education Theresa Schopper (Greens) said on Tuesday in Stuttgart that there were no budgetary funds for continued payment over the summer. The temporary teachers will not be paid through.

However, certain teachers who have been working in schools for a long time will be accommodated when contracts are extended. The time periods for an unlimited period would be shortened in the special education area, for example. According to a ministry spokesman, a corresponding application can be made after 30 months in school service and in the case of other suitability. In the recruitment year 2020, the minimum duration for a permanent contract was 48 months.

In some cases, such teachers would have chain contracts for years, Schopper criticized. But it is only a small group of those affected, 97 percent of the teachers are employed or have civil servants.

The opposition was angry and disappointed that the government is sticking to the practice. Stefan Fulst-Blei, education policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, said: “The lack of action by the state government is clearly promoting the migration of teachers to other federal states that have functioning regulations for continued employment over the summer. And that at a time when teachers urgently to be needed.” Instead of wooing them, the state government continues to alienate them. It finally needs offers for further training and the provision of financial resources. Baden-Württemberg will become an “emigration country for teachers”.

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