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Ten curious facts about the Titanic 107 years after its sinking

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On April 14, but 107 years ago, the RMS Titanic, the ship supposedly "unsinkable", collided with an ice floe and sank in the cold waters of the North Atlantic on its maiden voyage.

The tragedy, considered one of the worst maritime disasters in history, cost the lives of more than 1,500 people, saving some 700, that is, less than half of the 2,200 who traveled on board.

On the date marking the 107th anniversary of its sinking, we present 10 curious facts about the Titanic.

one. The boat rested on the bottom of the ocean without being disturbed for 73 years, from its collapse in 1912 to the discovery of its remains in 1985, a company that was carried out by the famous marine explorer Robert Ballard. Its location was marked approximately 340 nautical miles off the shores of the Canadian island of Newfoundland and 3,800 meters deep.

two. Although the Titanic received several warnings about the danger posed by ice floes, they did not reduce their speed, which is believed to be a determining factor that contributed to precipitate the disaster.

3. About 14 years before the tragedy, in 1898, the writer Morgan Robertson published a novel called Futility (Futility) in which he told the story of a huge transatlantic crashing into a block of ice, dying most of its passengers. The name of the unfortunate ship ?: Titan, a name very similar to Titanic.

Four. Millvina Dean, who was 9 weeks old at the time of the disaster, is the last known survivor of the tragedy. He died in May 2009, at 97 years of age.

5. Charles Joughin, a baker of the Titanic, was saved from death, although he spent several hours in the cold waters, he managed to survive thanks to a curious phenomenon produced by his alcohol intake and which made him temporarily immune to the low temperatures that killed other passengers.

6 On board the Titanic there were no cabins with the number 13, in a superstitious attempt to avoid bad luck.

7 Analysts and experts in naval engineering argue that the crucial mistake made by the crew of the Titanic was to try to turn the ship to avoid the frontal collision with the block of ice. They theorize that if the ship had crashed head on, the trip would have arrived but it would have stayed afloat or, at least, it would have taken longer to sink and perhaps it would have resisted until the help arrived.

8 And speaking of help, the first ship to reach the wreck was the Carpathia, which took about four hours to reach the position of the Titanic, which sank in just over two hours.

9 As a result of the tragedy of the Titanic, maritime laws require passenger ships to carry more lifeboats than necessary for the number of passengers they carry, up to 25% more.

10 Corrosion is still doing more than a century after the sinking. It is estimated that at the rate of wear that shows, this will have "eaten" the ship completely by 2030.



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