Ten English clubs are in the ranking of the 32 most valuable teams in Europe

England’s football clubs now account for almost a third of the most valuable teams in the sport.

Having seen their finances recover from the depths of the covid-19 pandemic, ten English Premier League clubs feature in Football Benchmark’s latest ranking of the 32 most valuable teams in Europe. Aston Villa FC and West Ham United FC have joined the list for the first time.

Manchester United FC, Liverpool FC and Manchester City FC are the most valuable clubs in the EPL. Chelsea FC, which this week completed its sale to US investor Todd Boehly, and Tottenham Hotspur FC, whose owners have just committed an additional £150m ($188m) in capital, are also ranked in the top 10.

The EPL is the richest football league in the world, where many of the game’s biggest players, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah, ply their trade. The league’s global audience allows its clubs to generate millions in revenue from broadcast and sponsorship deals.

“Unlike 5 other major leagues who agreed to discounted deals during their domestic TV rights negotiations, the Premier League successfully secured their current domestic package without any loss of value and increased their compensation from international broadcasting,” said Football Benchmark. .

Spain’s Real Madrid CF leads the 2022 rankings, with a value of 3.2 billion euros ($3.4 billion).

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