Ten gastronomy books to devour page by page

1. Four Houses

Although his popularity is due to his participation as a judge in Masterchef, Jordi Cruz has four restaurants, two in Barcelona and one in Girona, which bring together six Michelin stars. Here he explains what his kitchen consists of through his recipes and those different spaces where he offers them.

Jordi Cruz.


25 €.

2. Culler de Pau

in your restaurant Culler de Pauand O Grove, Javier Olleros He has established himself as the most important Galician chef of the moment, with the support of his wife, Amaranta, who takes care of the dining room. In this book they collect his work philosophy together with fifty recipes, each one of them located in his context.

Javier Olleros.


83 €.

3. Bar cabinet

François Monti is one of the best international experts in the world of bars and drinks. Here he says that making a cocktail at home is easier than many people think. Without the need for technicalities, he explains everything that is needed to enter the world of spirits and distillates.

François Monti.

Abalón Books.

33 €.

4. Chief Sapiens

A journey through the different stages of human nutrition, from that of the primitive hunters and gatherers to the agricultural and industrial revolutions through a hundred recipes with the foods of each era adapted to our time that seek, above all, a balance between flavor and health.

Elizabeth Ochoa and Marcos Vazquez.


20 €.

5. Juli Soler, who are you in the room?

Although he always remained discreetly in the background, Juli Soler was as important to El Bulli as his partner Ferrán Adriá. A revolutionary of the room, as the journalist Óscar Caballero collects through the statements of those who worked with him or knew him in some of his many facets.

Oscar Knight.

Planet Gastro.

20 €.

6. The Book of Kitchen Mistakes

Detecting the most common mistakes we make in the kitchen and helping to solve them is the main objective of this book in which the journalist Marijo Jordan reviews some of the most popular dishes in Spain and reviews them with well-known chefs or with specialists who offer their personal tricks.

Marijo Jordan.

Vanguard Books.

17 €.

7. Tiburcio, the cooking shark

A fun recipe book for children between 4 and 12 years old that allows them, as if it were a game, to enter the world of cooking. Xavier Gutiérrezhas been head of the Arzak R&D laboratory for many years and is the author of numerous entertaining recipe books and even noir novels.

Xabier Gutierrez.

Planet Gastro.

15 €.

8. Eat a peach

Considered one of the most influential chefs of his generation, David Chang humorously narrates his personal journey, full of problems and successes, to becoming the owner of some of the most important and influential restaurants in the United States, especially Momofuku.

David Chang.

Planet Gastro.

21 €.

9. Honest Pizza Revolution

Through Honest Pizza, Roberto Brisciani y Julia de la Morena They have specialized in the preparation of doughs made from one hundred percent stone-ground wholemeal flours to make healthy breads and pizzas. In this book they provide seventy recipes that are based on these healthy masses.

Roberto Brisciani and Julia de la Morena.


22 €.

10. Ferment

The fermentation is fashionable in the kitchen. An ancient technique that seeks to extend the life of food. Robert Ruiz He has been researching it for years and now he captures everything he has learned in this book that includes basic concepts, tools necessary to carry them out and all types of possible fermentations.

Robert Ruiz-Moreno.

Five Inks.

28 €.

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