A ten-year-old boy in the US fell face down on a spit and miraculously survived without any ill consequences.

Little Xavier Cunningham from Missouri played with friends in a tree house when he was attacked by wasps. Fleeing from the insects, he fell from the tree house and landed face-first on a spit that the children had previously rammed vertically into the ground, US media reports.

The spit penetrated below the eye through Xavier's left cheek and skull. The child scrambled to his feet and ran home. "I heard him screaming," Xavier's mother Gabrielle Miller told the Kansas City Star newspaper. "He came in and had this thing stuck in his face."

Neurosurgeon Koji Ebersole has never seen anything like it

Xavier came to the hospital immediately and was transferred twice before a qualified surgical team was found. On Sunday, he operated successfully, around 100 doctors and staff were involved.

He has never seen anything like this before, neurosurgeon Koji Ebersole told the Kanas City Star: "This thing has just passed its eye, brain and spinal cord," he said over the spit. It was unbelievable that the spit had penetrated 15 centimeters deep into the skull without hitting these areas. Fortunately, larger blood vessels were not damaged either.

The doctors assume that Xavier will not withhold any more serious damage.

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Category list picture: © picture alliance / dpa / Felix Kästle


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