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Tenants' Association: More complaints against self-employment terminations

IAccording to estimates by the Tenants' Association, more people are defending themselves in court against self-employment terminations. In 2017, there were an estimated 13,400 corresponding lawsuits in Germany, 5 percent more than in 2016, said Ulrich Ropertz, Managing Director of the German Tenants' Association, on Wednesday in Cologne. The figure is an extrapolation of cases in which the legal expenses insurance of the tenants' association is involved in the overall market. There are no figures from authorities on personal needs.

In addition, more people come to the local tenant associations to be advised about such terminations. Ropertz estimates that the total number of self-consumption terminations is increasing overall – probably around 80,000. He acknowledged, however, that there are no clear numbers for this purpose. Reason: Many tenants simply accept the termination, so such cases are not recorded statistically.

The tenants' association also criticized the misuse of apartment cancellations for their own needs. "We demand that own use only applies if the owner or a close relative permanently move in," said the outgoing president of the tenants' union Franz-Georg Rips. A use as a second or apartment is not acceptable. In addition, more and more homeowners registered their own needs to renovate the property and then sell for profit, criticized Ropertz.

The German Tenants 'Association is the umbrella organization of 15 regional associations, which meet every two years for a delegates' meeting. They represent about 1.25 million tenant households and provide information and legal advice. In 2017, the tenant associations offered a total of 1.1 million legal consultations on site. "97 percent of all consultations led to an out-of-court settlement," said Ropertz before the 68th German Tenants' Day from 13 to 15 June in Cologne.

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