Tenants note burglary in Hannibal 2

Tenants note burglary in Hannibal 2

When exactly his garage was looted, Fahdi Abde-Lativ (38) can not say. Because since February 21, 2018 he was not allowed to enter his garage and his apartment in the skyscraper Hannibal II.
The owner company had shut down the building complex in February. The building has been vacant since September because the city of Dortmund evacuated it due to fire safety deficiencies. 800 tenants had to leave the complex from now on right now and live since then partly in urban emergency shelters.

Hannibal II in Dortmund: evacuees in emergency accommodation

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On the other hand, Abde-Lativ – as well as other tenants – complained. On Monday he received from the district court a preliminary injunction, which allows him access to his apartment. Abde-Lativ currently lives in a temporary apartment. Since 2005 he lived in the Hannibal II tower.
Police are aware of two cases
On Monday, he turned to the security service, which monitors the building complex. He let him in. In the garage, he realized, there was a lot missing: tools, a drill, car accessories like his summer tires, wheels, polish and other cleaning supplies were gone. Even his bike had been stolen. The 38-year-old called the police. A police spokesman confirmed the burglary.
There was at least one other case, informs the police spokesman on request. An apartment was broken up and also stolen tools. The WAZ had first reported about it. “We do not know if there were any more burglaries,” says the spokesman. “Tenants can not enter the building right now.”

The case is also known to the Dortmund tenants’ association. There one wonders that the burglaries happened despite security service and did not attract attention. “We do not know exactly how many security employees the owner employs and whether they only patrol outside or inside to see to it,” says Tobias Scholz, housing spokesman for the association.
Intown wants to renovate skyscraper
The real estate company Intown can not explain the burglaries, shares managing director Sascha Hettrich on request of our editors. The security service was on site 24 hours a day. There are between six and eight security personnel per shift on the building. Whoever enters the building will be accompanied. However, the security guard enters the building only when a tenant wants to move into an apartment. That is not the case every day. If someone breaks in the meantime, it may go unnoticed.
At the end of January, Intown had informed the tenants that she wanted to shut down the building. At the end of February, the real estate company announced plans to renovate the building by 2020. Prerequisite for the work is the Leerzug. There are still 200 leases. Intown was in conversation with the tenants, it was said then.
Managing Director Sascha Hettrich told our editors that there should be a meeting with the security service on Tuesday. So far nothing is known about the results of this conversation.

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