tenders in 5 years for concessions (and maxi indemnities) – Corriere.it

There is a draft agreement on state-owned concessions. Which could materialize through an amendment by the rapporteurs of the competition law. The contents: to begin with, the new hypothesis would provide the mapping of the coasts and then the beaches would be put up for competition. All this not before five years: the current owners of the concessions would in fact be guaranteed five years to prepare, together with reinforced compensation in case of loss of the concession.. Note: according to the text of the Competition decree, all tenders should have started by 31 December 2023 (to update the sector in which negligible payments are sometimes found for renowned beaches). If the amendment passes, the races that will start within the next year will only be those that concern the areas currently free (the provision, therefore, would be at least partially respected). Tenders should also take into account business continuity and investments already made.

Five Star Opposition

The 5 Star Movement to raise the shields. It seems surreal, as suggested by the drafts that circulate, a further extension to 5 years by postponing the races indefinitely based on the mapping of the bathing concessions. Thus in a note the deputies of the M5s in the EU Policies Committee, regarding the hypotheses of modification to the competition bill on bathing concessions. He adds the note: Providing a golden power for beaches means trivializing the concept of national security, which would only be a screen for the lobbies that have been blocking reforms for decades, rejecting any possibility of extension, which would be dismantled in every Court of Italy as already ruled by the Supreme Court.

The numbers of the sector

In Italy there are about 8 thousand kilometers of coastline, of which about 50% is given in concession. Over one hundred thousand businesses pay a fee each year to occupy that state-owned space. Thirty thousand are bathing companies that employ 100 thousand workers every summer for an estimated 15 billion euro per year. But for the state that collects the royalties, the figures are always very low, just over 100 million euros, with average amounts of 10-15 thousand euros and cases of a few hundred euros for fees never touched up.. In 2019 the Budget law provided for a reform of the whole sector, from the review of the fees to that of the maritime state property, at the same time for it automatically extended all the existing bathing concessions to 2033. Despite the numerous calls from Europe.